Tuesday, September 6, 2011

 I thought Un Chien Andalou by Luis Brunnel and Salvador Dali was really fascinating.  The film is based inside of a dream.  I think this adds a lot to the meaning of the film.  Because once you are done watching the film, it also feels like you are waking up from a dream.  The feeling of trying to recall all that happened, also trying to decide the significance of your dream.  I've had dreams that I swore had to mean something, but I just could never fully grasp their meaning after I woke up.  In the dream you feel like you understand the meaning.  You are making decisions and doing things that all seem to make sense.  I could definitely relate to the woman in the film.  She seemed to be in on the dream, I pictured her as the dreamer.  So during the film I think the audience was supposed to see themselves as the woman, and when the film ended the audience was like the woman waking up. Now, it is our job to interpret what her/our dream meant.  The box, besides the woman, was the only consistent element of the dream.  The box even followed her into the final dream sequence on the beach.  I think the box represents something that is always following us, from the world we left behind, our past follows us forever.  What that past is I do not know.  From the woman's perspective I am leaning towards it meaning guilt.  People dying, lovers, and getting hurt seemed to dominate the beginning of the film.  I enjoyed the short film, especially how Chien Andalou made all of it flow.  It was such a jumble but he connected it into something that I could follow, and want to give meaning to.  It felt like a story of a dream.  A part that really stood out to me was the look the woman gave when she got to the beach.  She looked out into her past and grinned like she had finally got away.  I could not help but chuckle when she runs into the box that she had thrown out her window.  I assumed that the world outside her window had transformed into the lake/beach.  I like how he connected those two scenes, very dream like.

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