• Surrealism:  Too Much Inside
    • Watch Video Here
    • This film incorporates a dialogue script provided by my instructor with the directions to use the dialogue and make a movie.  The film is about someone having an internal struggle/conversation within them self.  
    • This video also showcases my knowledge of bars, tone, and slate. Feel free to start at the 30 second mark.

  • Surrealism: Moment a Listen
    • Watch Video Here
    • The film incorporates elements from film’s silent era but draws most on the surrealism movement in cinema.

  • Experimental: Reflections
    • Watch Video Here
    • I was originally trying to only film reflective images, but the video turned into trying to get that vibe of a person reflecting on thoughts.   As I was filming it was really odd to notice reflections.  They are everywhere, but it is something you never really see.  You walk by or you see it and look away.  You don't really look at reflections as things, but instead as being a distorted form of something else.  When I was filming I felt like the reflection was the tangible medium.  I felt like I was in a world made up of reflections and the normal world was the reflection.  The video is kind of my journey through the world of reflections.  Possibly me getting a little lost, lost in thought and lost in my grip of reality.  I found that by studying reflections it really did push you into this mindset.  What is more mundane than a reflection?  It doesn't really even exist.  It doesn't feel like it is a part of this world.  I played on the human side of reflection with time passing and using common places where we contemplate reflection or contemplate in general like the bath tub or car ride or while looking in a mirror.  I thought the car ride was the strongest contemplation point.  I like to look out into the abyss and think.  Also, things in a car ride look distorted.  I wanted to keep this feeling and also bring the audience to continue questioning what they were seeing (the reflection in the sunglasses really brought this out). I showed the shoes to make them realize the difference between reality and reflection and contemplate on that. I wanted the audience to feel lost in reflection. When I look at my reflection or photographs I am often drawn to think about time.  I used time as a big piece with the clock, and ticking at one point, the reversal of the spoon falling, and the old ladies face changing into a skeleton.  I wanted to capture that feeling of looking at a reflection and reflecting with your thoughts.  Kind of bring the whole idea of reflection full circle using visual and mental definitions of the word reflection.

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