Thursday, September 15, 2011

"The Shape of Things" made me think that making art from social experiments on people was evil.  But "The Five Obstructions" by Lars von Trier is a gripping and insightful documentary that would be a sin against art if it wasn't created.  The whole thing is so genius.  Jorgen Leth's film "The Perfect Human" really bothered Lars von Trier.  I find it so amusing that Jorgen Leth is being held responsible for his art and the idea he planted in others minds.  I am not sure if the films purpose is for art or for punishment, but either way I can't stop watching it.  I think we have all wanted to have an opportunity to change someones perspective, I love that Lars von Trier gets this chance.  He makes a point that the art is Jorgen Leth.  Watching Jorden Leth struggle is the art.  This asks many ethical questions to artists.  I think Lars von Trier by getting Jorden Leth's approval and being completely upfront with him about his plans did his art in an ethical way.  I love that unlike a book or play Jorden Leth is in on the experiment.  I feel like this is something that could only happen in a documentary.  I love that this is something real that is happening.  This is a real person.  We can see the conversations taking place.  This is a difficult thing to do on film, to have it actually be real life.  Have people act like themselves, like the camera isn't there.  I don't even think this is ever obtained in "reality" TV.  I think in Lars von Trier's film we see real emotions and real reactions. Side note: I loved Jorden Leth's second obstruction.  As we watched him as the perfect human I could not help but be completely captivated by the girl in the background staring longingly at the food he was consuming.  I understand why this was off of Lars von Trier's wishes, but it was a great film.  I couldn't help thinking during my next meal, what if all those children were standing around me as I ate this.  What if those children were not oceans away but instead by my dining table?  How can I live a life helping these people when I try to block out their very existence? 

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