Thursday, December 8, 2011


by Jonathan and Colleen

I wanted to bring different colors into the video because I felt like the clean white background would let me do this without it looking too cheesy.  I also wanted to try to use text more as a main element. 

The lines/script of the commercial are supposed to be ambiguous enough to where the word dinosaur also fits into the definition of friend which also fits into the definition of international.  I hoped that by not revealing what the text means until the end that this would entice the audience to keep watching. 

I also felt like I wanted to try to touch on the points that Alan and Chris had made with their video:  the need subtitles portion of Alan’s and the game aspect of Chris’.   I also really wanted to keep the commercial upbeat.  I tried to choose footage where people looked most interesting and enticing.  I felt that without the changing color people might loose interest in what they were watching. 

I also liked that the changing color looked like the “horse of a different color” scene in wizard of oz.  I thought about even using these words in the video, I think the off humor would have been interesting, but the overall message would have related international students to a horse.  This I didn’t like.  I felt like the animal that Allan would need to be would have to be far off from reality, to make it clear that the animal had no significance outside being used for humor. 

I really tried to bring out the joke by making you feel like I was talking about animal language, particularly the language of dinosaur, with the word extinct.  This was a little off humor.  It played on the whole “dead language” phrase and the fact that the dinosaurs all died.  It is kinda a Stephen King humor laughing at death.  I did not want this to dominate the audiences ending thoughts so I made the word extinct instead of dead.  This seems less harsh and allows the audience to still think about the universal concept of a laugh.   I wanted them to feel like a laugh even translates to dinosaur. 

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