Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Necessities of Life by Gerald Guthrie is a commentary on needs and wants in modern culture.  He uses modern techniques in his video, creating a simplistic video.  Simplistic in the sense that he reuses many items and deletes unimportant details such as just putting a white space or not putting faces on the men.  The video makes you question what are the necessities of life?  The video sends the message that life's necessities are greater than just basic survival needs such as food and water.  We see this debate between life's necessities as the men conjure a refrigerator and a radio.  The refrigerator represents the basic needs of food and water  the radio the basic need of happiness/music.  In modern times what are our basic needs? Do we need a rainfall of houses?  The houses seem to fall in a way that make you feel like you are being squished by them.  This could be saying that we are being squished by our basic needs of society.  The headlines of the newspapers also stood out to me "Modern Culture" and "Basic Needs." Headlines are usually bad things but they are also temporary.  Are our basic needs temporary?  The human race may always need to seek happiness through dance, running, and other physical activity.  How do we seek happiness now and when will this fall through?

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